The Program of capacity building and technical assistance to NGOS

10 NGOS are participating in a program of capacity building in the development of the action, advocacy at the national level, and the committee on the rights of the child, the victims of human trafficking of minors in the criminal justice system .

Under this program, non-governmental organisations will be expected to:

  • Improve your knowledge and skills in the field of the fight against trafficking of a minor, and advocacy at the national level, and the committee on the rights of children who are victims of trafficking in the criminal justice system;
  • Connect with experts at a national and european level in this field;
  • To benefit from technical support from the experts, national and eu-level, in the development of advocacy in the field of child trafficking at the national level and the european level
  • To have the opportunity of establishing future partnerships with NGOS in areas of interest.
  • Gain visibility at the european and at national level;
  • Participate in the training sessions in the areas of human trafficking, the rights of the child in the criminal justice system, and its advocacy at the national and european level;
  • They will also be invited to become a member of the National Coalition on the Rights of the Child in legal proceedings;
  • Take part in the campaign of advocacy at the national level, and the committee on the reform of the legal framework and policies on the rights of the victims of human trafficking of a minor.

The NGOS selected by Adriana

The training takes place online, between 8 and 17 July 2021.

The gallery, the photo session of your training: in standby

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